Posted by Samuel Clarke

The benefits of having an Ionizer Air Purifier at home and at work center around one key fact – your good health! It is common knowledge that the air we breathe is saturated with pollutants, many of which are toxic. All pollutants are detrimental to healthy lung and respiratory system functions; only the degree of damage varies contingent on the actual pollutant and the length of exposure.

Even those who are extremely health conscious, eat properly and exercise regularly will, over time, suffer the detrimental effects of breathing in the multitude of pollutants to which we are subjected daily. For the young, the elderly and people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases, breathing polluted air can be debilitating if not life threatening.

The full range of Ionizer Air Purifiers is guaranteed to rid the air you breathe of airborne allergens and contaminants including, among other things, mildew, pollen, smoke (CO), pet dander, dust, carpet mites as well as household and commercial chemicals. The Ionizer Air Purifiers help kill airborne bacteria, mold and viruses by the inclusion of an Ultraviolet Germicidal Sterilamp that destroys the DNA of micro-organisms. This is a proven and highly effective technology used in many industries including water purification plants and hospital clean rooms.

In Australia’s cities and towns, the weather demands an almost year-round use of either air conditioning or heating. Being comfortable means we simply re-circulate the polluted air in our homes. Office buildings and stores, from your place of work to the supermarket; from your favorite boutique to restaurants and cafes – all have 100% re-circulated air. In other words, almost every place you frequent, you are subjected to contaminated and polluted air.

We don’t have any control over the air in shops and restaurants but we do have control over the air we breathe in our homes and offices – the places where we spend the bulk of our time. Common sense and a desire to remain healthy (or to regain our health) predicate the wisdom in having an Ionizer Air Purifier in both our work and home environments.

Cleaner air means a healthier you.