Posted by Samuel Clarke

Determining the best type of home or office humidifier to purchase is based on your personal needs and preferences. Humidifiers are classified into the 3 following categories:


  • Warm Mist – disperses warm mist into the surrounding air
  • Cool Mist - disperses cool mist into the surrounding air
  • Hybrid Warm and Cool Mist – offers you the option of selecting either warm or cool mist dispersal into the surrounding air


Warm Mist humidifiers function by boiling water that is then released into the air as steam. The steam effectively prohibits the release of minerals or bacteria into the air. These same minerals are collected in the humidifier base which requires regular cleaning. A 10% improvement in relative humidity equals a one degree change in room temperature. If your home starts off at 7 % humidity and changes to a far healthier and more comfortable 47%, the room will feel as if the temperature has increased by four degrees.


Cool Mist Ultrasonic humidifiers produce cool mist into the air via a vibrating metal diaphragm that splits the water into fine droplets prior to dispersal. Cool mist humidifiers are silent; however if your water is subject to a high mineral content and you do not purchase a humidifier specifically designed to deal with this, the minerals will be released into the air as fine dust particles.


Hybrid Warm and Cool Mist humidifiers offer the best of both worlds and allow you the flexibility to program the type of mist dispersed to maintain the correct ratio of humidity (35%-50%) into your home or office based on the weather. The Hybrid UV Ultrasonic Ionic Humidifier with Humidistat ION 90 is ideal for those that prefer this flexibility. This particular humidifier uses a combination of UV LED and Bio-photo catalyst to constantly sterilize and deodorize the air before allowing it to blow clean, pure mist. Due to the advanced technology incorporated into its construction, the cool mist issue of hard water mineral conversion to dust is eliminated.


General parameters to keep in mind when purchasing a humidifier are the size of the area in which you plan to use the humidifier and how much upkeep is involved. The easiest humidifiers to maintain are those designed to decrease the mineral residue on the apparatus. All humidifiers require rinsing after each use or upon refilling.